Cub Pack

The Cub Scout Section is a primary section of 6th Kowloon Scouts operating within Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division, membership is open to qualified students within the age bracket of 7.5 – 12. We aim to provide PD students challenging activities from which they will learn basic skills to improve their self reliance along with their ability to take care of others. Another major theme will be the focus on the importance of teamwork vs personal growth. Activities includes basic first aid, field games, annual hikes and camps along with Classroom lectures and team games.

Member Life
Once accepted through recruitment, a new members will be sorted into different teams known as a ‘six’. Each of the Sixes will operate as a small team with a senior student within acting as the leader of the group known as a ‘Sixer’ accompanied by his second in command a ‘Seconder’. Each Six are named after a different colour, and members within are expected to take care of each other and they will collectively compete against other sixes in activities. Assignment may occasionally be given for members to explore, is it partially our goals for members to figure out what is it that they like most, and let them decide what they find themselves good at. This explorer of interest can range from structure engineering pioneering, outdoor hikes and camps, first aid knowledge, photography, music etc.

General Meeting
Our weekly General Meetings are held on Thursdays after school from 15:15 to 16:45, meetings will be organized by our Group Officers lead by Cub Scout Leader (CSL), each meeting will be a part of a bigger picture, and some meetings may hold high value lessons concentrated into a 1 session (such as First Aid). It is therefore highly recommended that all members be at each General meeting with as little exceptions as possible. Though we will try to arrange extra sessions for members who missed out to catch up, it certainly may be less fun to catch up afterwards rather than to learn together with meaningful practice/exercises with the whole group.

This is our home page, please feel free to browse around for further information, those interested in joining us through our recruitment, please email us at [email protected].


Soft launch of our Beta website commenced, we are now in content feedback phase, please send all ideas and inputs to [email protected]

Previous announcement:
2015-16 Headmaster's Shield Champion is "Bull" Patrol, lead by Bob Lam and Henry Meng, they have managed to capture the historical championship after 2 days of grilling tests and hardship. Congrats.

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