6th Kowloon Group has been historically a very strong Troop. We participate in District and Region competitions, and had one of the stronger histories among Scout Troops of Hong Kong. Aside from outside competition, we also organize our own Headmaster Shield (HMS) Competition, where we compete within for the best Patrol. While we push for being the best at the Team level, we also stress the importance of Personal achievements, for those who managed to be awarded Chief Scout, their names will be included on the GSL shield.

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Headmaster Shield
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GSL Shield


Our External Honours

Carlton Trophy

1973 1st place

Regional Competition

1995 1st place : TROOP
1996 1st place : TROOP
2001 1st place : TROOP
2004 1st place : TROOP
2007 1st place : TROOP
2008 1st place : VSU
2016 1st place : VSU


District Competition

1994 1st place
1995 1st place
1996 1st place
1997 1st place
2000 1st place
2005 1st place


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Previous announcement:
2015-16 Headmaster's Shield Champion is "Bull" Patrol, lead by Bob Lam and Henry Meng, they have managed to capture the historical championship after 2 days of grilling tests and hardship. Congrats.

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