Group Officers

6th Kowloon Group is an independent and self governing group, operating in Diocesan Boys’ School, under the International Scouting Scheme. On the highest level of decision making there’s the Group Council, which consists of:

Group President – Mr. Ronnie KY Cheng
Group Chairman – Mr. C.C. Chau
Group Scout Leader – Mr. Kevin M Rasmussen

On the Operational and Administrative level, decision making rest with the Scouter’s Council.

Group Scout Leader – Mr. Kevin M. Rasmussen

Scout Leader – Mr. Keith Iu
Cub Scout Leader – Mr. Kelvin Lau
Venture Scout Leader – Mr. Bill Chan

Assistant Scout Leaders:
– Mr. Hung Shing
– Mr. David Ng
– Mr. Victor Tam
– Mr. Kenneth Lam
– Mr. Kevin Chow
– Ms. Cinci Leung
– Ms. Jennifer Su
– Mr. Kelvin Cheung
– Mr. Lam Gee Wai
– Mr. Jonathan Yung
– Ms. Jennifer Lee
– Mr. Donald Lung
– The Current Student Officers

For other matters revolving around each separate session, each session will have their own Council group as well.


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Previous announcement:
2015-16 Headmaster's Shield Champion is "Bull" Patrol, lead by Bob Lam and Henry Meng, they have managed to capture the historical championship after 2 days of grilling tests and hardship. Congrats.

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